Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Scam Alert from the Bates County Sheriff's Office

 The Sheriff's Office has been made aware of a scam in our area. The caller is portraying themselves to be a Deputy or Sergeant with the Bates County Sheriff's Office. This is a reminder that no one from the Sheriff's Office will call you and ask you for money or advise you of a warrant by phone. We will never ask for prepaid cards of any kind to take care of fines or warrants. We will not ask you to scan a code and pay us for any kind of testing or fines. If you receive a call from someone who identifies themselves as law enforcement but you are not sure they are legitimately law enforcement, please hang up and call the Sheriff's Office yourself at (660) 679-3232 to verify it was truly a Deputy trying to reach you. Please make your loved ones aware of these types of scams, especially older people or those without social media.

City of Butler Renovation Proposal

  Request For Proposals   City Hall Renovations, Butler Missouri   PROPOSAL NUMBER: RFP #200   |      ISSUE DATE: July 17, 2024  ...