Friday, September 22, 2023

Papinville History: The Issuing of Order 11

 Before the border wars started Papinville was a growing community. Many houses were being built and businesses were moving into Papinville. The people and businesses were moving out after Jim Lane and his army came through and burnt the courthouse and a lot of businesses in 1861.

The Bushwhackers were strong in this area. They were southern sympathizers and were in small groups. They would bushwhack militiamen as they moved along the roads.

It was see-saw back and forth. Militia from Cedar and St. Clair counties, Bushwhackers from Vernon county, Kansas Jayhawkers into Missouri and Guerrillas into Kansas. Bates county was right in the middle and was the heaviest hit of the four counties. On August 25, 1863 General Ewing issued “Order 11” to these four counties: Jackson, Cass, Bates and part of Vernon. The following is the order. This was taken the book “HISTORY OF BATES COUNTY’ by W.O. ATKESON 1918.

Kansas City Mo. August 25, 1865 General Order No 11

First: All persons being in Cass, Jackson and Bates counties, Missouri and in that part of Vernon included in this district, except those living within one mile of the limits of Independence, Hickman’s Mill and Harrisonville and except those in that part of Kaw Township, Jackson County, north of Brush Creek and west of Big Blue, embracing Kansas City and Westport, are hereby ordered to remove from their present places of residence within 15 days from the date thereof.

Those who, within that time, establish their loyalty to the satisfaction of the commanding officer of the military station nearest their present places of residence will receive from him certificates stating the fact of their loyalty and the names of the witnesses by whom it can be shown. All who receive such certificates will be permitted to remove to any military station in this district or to any part of the state of Kansas, except the counties on the eastern borders of the state, all others shall remove out of the district. Officers commanding companies and detachments serving in the counties named will see that this paragraph is promptly obeyed.

Second: All grain and hay in the field or under shelter, in the district from which the inhabitants are required to remove, within reach of military stations, after the 9th September next will be taken to such stations and turned over to the proper officer there and report of the amount so turned over made to district headquarters, specifying the names of all loyal owners, and the amount of such districts after the 9th day of September next , not convenient to such stations will be destroyed. -By order of Brig. Gen. Ewing

Bates county was entirely depopulated. Next week the story will be about how the people and the town was affected by this order.

Don’t forget about the Papinville Picnic on Sept. 23. Music will begin at 2:00, games 3:00, pie auction 4:00 and silent auction from 1:30 until 6:00. A fried fish, pulled pork, hot dogs, cheesy potatoes, green beans,slaw, homemade bread, drinks and dessert will be served after auction. During the auction a full sized cut out of Travis Kelce will be auctioned off. This would look good in some one’s man cave, bid on a number for the chicken poop bingo. Come and enjoy the afternoon and the food. We would appreciate if you could bring a dessert for the dessert table in a throw away pan. Don’t forget your lawn chair. Submitted by Phyllis Stewart

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