Friday, September 22, 2023



The Butler Airport Commission says they have a new tenant. 

After roughly a year of working with MoDot, the FAA, multiple departments within the City of Butler, and several lawyers, the Butler Memorial Airport Commission is proud to announce they have a new tenant at the airport! Burns Custom Spraying is building a new facility on the south west side of the airport, just north of the Osage Valley ballfields.

The Airport Commission knows there have been a lot of questions and rumors going around lately, so here are some answers.

Burns Custom Spraying is constructing a large hangar to house their spray plane, a ramp where they can load product, two connectors to the taxiway, an access road to Business 49, and a retention pond. Additionally, the ramp will have built in spill prevention/mitigation so no hazardous chemicals can leak downstream.  They are hoping that everything will be in place by next spring.

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