Monday, September 11, 2023

Armed Suicidal Subject / Shots Fired Incident In Linn County

On September 08, 2023, at 8:36pm the Linn County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received a call of a suicidal subject who was posting suicidal comments on Facebook. The person was known to visit the Linn County, Kansas area and friends and relatives believed that they may be in Linn County.

On Facebook, the individual suggested that he would end his life or cause it to be ended by Law Enforcement. Their phone was pinged, and it was found to be in northern Bourbon County. Later, the phone was pinged again and found to be around 950 RD. and Gorman LN. (Critzer Lake area) in Linn County.

Linn County Deputy Sheriff’s arrived to search for the suicidal individual and found him at the Critzer Lake parking area with a handgun. One of the responding Deputies circled the parking area and took up post between the subject and a pier, where citizens were fishing. Deputies negotiated with the individual for some time, and he suggested that he was “done” and he would not be “talked down”. He then began to shoot erratically about the area and Deputies took cover.

Linn County Deputies then responded with an armored vehicle to rescue the citizens and the Deputy from the area of the pier as they were pinned down and could not exit the area due to the suicidal individual shooting erratically about the area. A drone was deployed to be able to watch the area and movements of the persons involved in the incident.

When Deputies entered the area in the armored vehicle to retrieve the innocent bystanders the suicidal individual began shooting and finally took his own life. No gunfire was exchanged as the suicidal subject was the only shooter in this incident.

The case is under further investigation.

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