Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Attention Dog Owners: What You Should Know if Your Dog Gets Overheated this Summer


Animal lovers, NEVER make the mistake of pouring cold water on an overheated dog or putting a wet towel on its back. You will see the OPPOSITE effect.

Due to cold, the veins contract and due to high temperatures (above 42 degrees), the proteins in the blood collide, causing the blood to become thick and tight.

Due to the combination of these two factors, blood stops entering the heart and organs fail one by one due to lack of oxygen.

The result is a very slow but very painful death.

If you try to help an overheated dog in this way, it will die anyway.

First give him lukewarm water to drink, then cool his feet and chest/belly with a wet towel.

Then put the dog in the shade on a wet towel!!!

Sharing is highly desirable because time and time again we see footage of overheated dogs exiting a car with water spilled on their backs.

PLEASE WATCH FOR CARS PARKED ANYWHERE.. There can always be an animal or a child