Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Carpenter's Cup to distribute sack lunches for children/ Sign-Up by

 A Public Service Message from The Carpenter's Cup of Butler 

Next Monday, June 3rd, is the projected start date for summer lunches from the Carpenters Cup to be delivered to the square and park just north of the Aquatic Center.

We have had money donations and some food donated. We have contacted other businesses to help with food donations. We have delivery drivers and we have some volunteers for the preparation of these lunches. Our plan is to give away 100 lunches Monday through Friday, from June 3rd until August 2nd. That brings us to a total of 4000 lunches. For this to be successful,

We will be in need of money and food the duration of the summer and for volunteers to help with the lunches (no more than 3 per day, kitchen too small). If you want to help for about 3 hours even for 1 day, it would be appreciated! Wednesday's are mostly full.

We have a calendar in the kitchen we sign people up on. Everyone is struggling in this economy, but those who struggled the most during the school year will have a harder time feeding their kids during the summer. Providing a kid with a sack lunch should be doable for a caring community like ours. If you can help, please call 660-679-3333. Thanks in advance!