Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Public Service Announcement to All Parents from Electric City Speedway

 Attention all parents with minor children that attend Electric City Speedway events:

It seems as though we are having an increase in problematic behavior with some children during the races.
This past week, a child was injured by another child and received care at a local hospital. He was reported to have a concussion.
This is not acceptable,nor the behavior that we condone or tolerate.
There were four instances where staff had to redirect a group of children that were attempting to continually bash the Porta potty and attempt to tip it over.
That same group of children also was caught throwing rocks into the concession stand window.
It was brought to our attention that the same group of individuals were involved in some kind of altercation where another child was injured.
We will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Any child under the age of 13 needs to be accompanied by an adult if they cannot behave or contain their bad behavior.
If your child is reprimanded by staff, or it is brought to our attention that your child is causing problems, we will immediately bring your child to you and request that you have some sort of consultation with them.
They will also need to sit with you the rest of the night.
If your child is more than once, causing ruckus, it will be up to ownership to determine if your child needs to serve a suspension from the track.
This is not an appropriate
place to wrestle, rough house, throw rocks, turnover porta potties, or hurt other children.
Electric city Speedway is not a babysitter for your children.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Jaime. I will be happy to discuss the incident and the behavior of the children involved. If you think this might have been your child then I request that you please have some sort of discussion with them on appropriate behavior when you’re at a public facility and what is not.
Electric City is not responsible for injuries or accidents that pertain to your child misbehaving. However, the other parent could very well hold you liable.
I appreciate everyone reading this and it is our goal and mission to keep Electric City Speedway a family oriented place that everyone can have fun and enjoy racing.

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