Friday, April 12, 2024

Human Interest/ Community goes to bat for local family

 Bobby, Becki, and Chris Comer are lifelong residents of Adrian and members of the Adrian United Methodist Church.

A loving family, that goes above and beyond to help others. This is why the community of Adrian and we hope other communities help us offer a hand-up for this family and not a hand-out.

Monday morning marked the beginning of a collaborative effort between the church and the Adrian Community to significantly improve the living conditions of the Comer Family.

The Comer’s have moved from their residence in Adrian to a hotel, while volunteers not only clean the home but refurbish their apartment into a safe and welcoming environment. However, the need is greater than just cleaning and the need for monetary funds will be the deciding factor in the goal they set for this family.

Many of us say at times… we just want to make a difference somehow or someway in the lives of others and we hope to touch a life during our journey on this earth. This is your opportunity to make a difference.

Of course, this is going to take the all mighty dollar to reach the goals set by those active in this challenge.  The Comers have let go and let God as they have released over 95 percent of their belongings. Our goal is to replace those items with new purchases such as bedding, towels, rugs, appliances, curtains, cook ware, dishes, a fridge and oven, mattress and box springs, basic needs of any home. The Comers will be supervised as they go shopping to replace the basic needs of any home with fresh new items. This will take the help of the community and not just those in Adrian.  A  “ Love Fund” for the Comer Family has been established for the purchase of such merchandise to make their apartment a home.

All donations will be held accountable and supervised by Church Members as the money is spent. The Adrian United Methodist Church and 92.1 Radio Station ask for donations in any amount, to help meet the goal of $5000.00 to replace the basic needs of this family’s home.

We reach out to groups and organizations for help. We reach out to the church members at various churches for a possible love offering. To anyone that goes to bed tonight on clean sheets, in a warm bed, with a full belly.

Donations may be dropped off at Adrian Bank in Adrian or Butler. We hope you are led to help this family change their living conditions and to see up close and in person how we can make a difference and change the lives of a family in our community. A donation of $5000.00 or as much as you can give.  

May you be blessed for your donations in any amount.  92.1 will keep you updated on the progress.