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Bates County Memorial Honors Auxilary Volunteers

 Bates County Memorial Hospital Honors Auxiliary Volunteers

In recognition of National Healthcare Volunteer Week, Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) celebrated Auxiliary volunteers and recognized their efforts with a banquet on Thursday, April 25.

Volunteers contribute a great deal to our hospital, its patients and employees. Their accomplishments include:

·        Donating the equivalent of four full-time employees’ hours of work in 2023

·        Raising funds to help purchase needed equipment for the hospital

·        Sponsoring activities to show appreciation to BCMH healthcare workers

·        Coordinating the annual Operation Sock-it-to-Me Service Project for school children in Bates County

At the banquet, a program organized by the Human Resources department focused on making volunteers feel loved and appreciated. Members enjoyed a delicious meal and special music performed by Chaplain Mike Humphrey and Gordon Sixkiller. Pat Friederich, who retired on April 1, was recognized for 30 years of Auxiliary service. CEO Greg Weaver presented a set of outdoor chimes to Pat to commemorate her volunteer work at BCMH. Volunteers were recognized for hours of service with a pin, and each took home a hanging flower basket as a thank you gift from the hospital, and several hospital departments contributed door prizes.

The awards ceremony included the announcement of the 2023 volunteer of the year, Bob Thomas. Bob has been a dedicated volunteer since 2016. His faithful service at the information desk every week is appreciated by his co-volunteers, hospital employees, patients and visitors.

Like Bob, volunteers perform many tasks that benefit the hospital. They are the first to greet patients and assist them with the registration process. Some volunteers help with accompanying patients to their appointment destination. Others help run the gift shop, performing various duties including shopping, stocking, planning, and assisting customers. Their help is invaluable, and Bates County Memorial Hospital thanks Auxiliary volunteers for their service.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering at BCMH, you can schedule a “ride-along". Learn more at the BCMH information desk or gift shop, or visit

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