Tuesday, April 2, 2024



Appleton City School District

5 Matthew Smith
9 Amber Strope
4 Katie Koshko


Archie School District ( 3 years)
3 William Andrew Mawson
7 Jeremy Pettet
3 Brad Driver
8 Mark Houchen
3 Keith Schaller


Archie School District ( 1 year)

7 Andrea Stark
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Butler R-V School District 
200 Cale Swarnes
134 Rob Clover
250 James Woolace

Hudson R-IX School District
95 Willy Snyder
88 Tim Rapp


Shall the Hudson R-IX School District increase its operation Tax Levy
45 Yes

64 No


Miami School District
55 Marsha Gillis
70 Melanie Renee Schaller
66 Richard Powell Jr ( Richie)


Drexel R-IV ( 3 year Term)
30 Jared E Jacobs
22 Brian Faulkner


Proposition Bobcats

20 Yes

12 No


Rich Hill R-IV School District

220 Jeremie Platt
44 Kent Fletcher
226 Stacey Fox
73 Charles Turner

Rich Hill

Director who shall serve a s member of the Board of Education of Said School District for a term of one year

0 Write in


Proposition K.I.D.S ( Rich Hill )

169 Yes
126 No




Cornland Special Road District for Board Member

3 Gary Anderson
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Shall Cornland Special Road District Levy an additional tax rate

2 Yes
4 No


City of Butler – Ward 1

30 Denny Rich
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City of Butler Ward 2
37 Doncella Liggins
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City of Butler Ward 3
51 Fawn Alkire
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City of Butler Ward 4
56 Carmen Behringer
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City of Hume
40 Michael Wriston
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City of Hume Alderman
39 Adam Reynolds
36 Dakota Stigall
7 Rece Ginger


City of Rich Hill
North Ward Alderman
47 Rose Entrikin
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City of Rich Hill South Ward Alderman
60 Brenda Siman
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Rich Hill Proposition A

109 Yes
32 No


City of Rockville Alderman
0 Write In

City of Adrian For Mayor
62 Matthew Cunningham
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City of Adrian North Ward Alderman
29 Jeremy Bridges
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City of Adrian South Ward Alderman
29 Jeffery Vick
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Village of Foster Board of Trustees
8 John Michael Boyles
11 Linda Wadel
11 Connie Boyles


Village of Passaic Board of Trustees
2 Michael Cole
2 Miranda Chandler
2 Ashley Cole


Deepwater Township
24 For the Levy
25 Against the Levy


Homer Township Question
Shall an additional tax rate of $0.15 on each $100.00  

9 For the Levy
14 Against the Levy


Howard Township Question
Shall an additional tax rate of $0.3420 on each $100.00

33 For the Levy
29 Against the Levy




Osage Township Question

108 For the Levy
79 Against the Levy


Prairie Township Question
15 For the Levy
6 Against the Levy


Spruce township Question
16 For the Levy
6 Against the Levy


Summit Township Question
18 For the Levy
10 Against the Levy


West Point Township Question

40 For the Levy
19 Against the Levy