Monday, April 15, 2024

Barco Outdoor Movie Theatre has fundraiser to help with the cost of a new Screen

 The Community Plaza Rescue Board is exiteded to announce a plan has been finalized for the new screen tower at The Barco Drive -In.

 The new tower will feature a screen that will be 72’ wide by 35’ tall. This is larger than the old 57’ by 34 screen!

 The new screen will better fit the aspect ratios (picture dimensions) of modern films.

The total cost is $160,000 which includes the demolition of the old tower. We have a great start on fundraising with $140,000 raised for the project. This leaves us $20,000 short of our goal.

 Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to preserve this piece of Barton County history. Contact Scott Kelley (417-214-1931) or Pat O’Neal (417- 214-9999) to make arrangements or bring a check payable to Lamar Community Betterment Council Inc. to Lamar Bank & Trust Company. A GoFundme has been setup if you would like to submit a donation that way. Http://