Friday, February 9, 2024

Drug Arrest in Butler


On 02/03/2024, A Butler Officer was patrolling the area of the storage units located near Sandy’s Herb shop when he observed a subject that appeared to be unconscious inside his vehicle. The Butler Officer attempted to check on the well being of the subject inside the vehicle who was later identified as Travis Herman. The Butler Officer was able to wake Mr. Herman up and immediately observed a glass pipe commonly associated with smoking methamphetamine in Mr. Herman’s lap. The Butler Officer then asked Mr. Herman to step out of the vehicle. When Mr. Herman opened the driver door to the vehicle, The Officer immediately observed a bag of suspected methamphetamine in the driver’s door of the vehicle. The substance field tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed approximately 40 grams.  Travis Herman was then arrested and transported to the Bates County Jail.

A few days later, on the evening of 02/06/2024, the same Butler Officer was inside Casey’s General Store and observed Travis Herman in the store. The Officer stated “I hope you are not driving.” To Herman. The Officer stated this because he had prior knowledge due to his recent encounter with Mr. Herman on 02/03/2024 that Mr. Herman’s Driver License was suspended. The Officer then left Caseys but remained in the area to ensure that Mr. Herman did not drive on a suspended license. Shortly after, the Butler Police Department received a call of a disturbance in the Walmart parking lot. The response time of the Officers to the disturbance was less than one minute and upon Officers’ arrival to Walmart, there was no people or vehicles matching the description given to dispatch by the caller. Officers believed this to be suspicious and listened to the recording of the phone call. Upon listening to the recording of the call placed to dispatch, Officers recognized the voice of the caller to be that of Travis Herman. Officers believe Mr. Herman placed this call in order to divert them away from the area that he was in. Officers then responded to Mr. Herman’s residence and placed him under arrest and transported him to the Bates County Jail for making a false report

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