Thursday, January 11, 2024

Shannon Bjerke Employee of the Month

 Shannon Bjerke Named January Employee of the Month at Bates County Memorial Hospital

Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) recognizes Shannon Bjerke, CPS as the Employee of the Month for January. Shannon has worked for BCMH since 1998 as the administrative assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. She has served in this role as assistant to six different chief executives, including the hospital’s current CEO, Greg Weaver.

“Shannon is always easy to work with,” said the employee who nominated her. “She is trustworthy with all information and can be depended upon to complete tasks quickly and accurately. She is an encyclopedia when it comes to BCMH history and is helpful whenever I need to understand better who the stakeholders are in any project. She is fair and consistent, knowledgeable about BCMH policies and processes, and treats every employee with courtesy and kindness.”

Shannon is an exemplary employee, and she deserves this recognition. 

Jay's Shack Food Truck New Management/ New Menu

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