Friday, January 26, 2024



Clinton Christian Academy  students and staff are enjoying the replacement of the pea gravel on their playground to new pour-in-place surfacing! The new surfacing was made possible due to a grant received in the amount of $25,000 from the Quad-Lakes Solid Waste Management District.

 This latest grant, awarded in September 2023 and installed in December 2023, provided pour-in-place surfacing for an area approximately 1786 sq. ft. underneath the teeter totters and fort. This project was completed by Talyormade Company, Kansas City, MO. Preparation for this project required parent volunteers and maintenance employees to remove pea gravel from the area that received the resurfacing.

 As part of the Clinton Christian Academy grant, a representative from the Quad-Lakes Waste Management Office will present a short presentation about recycling in an all-school assembly for grades 3-12 in the Clinton Christian Academy gym.

 CCA received a DNR grant in the amount of $30,000 for Phase 1 of this project in 2021 during which approximately 1607 sq. ft. of area underneath the large yellow playground equipment received the new pour-in-place surfacing was completed.

 CCA received another DNR grant in the amount of $38,035 for Phase 2 of this project in 2022 which replaced approximately 2829 sq. ft. of area underneath the swings. The Quad-Lakes grant marks the completion of Phase 3 of the playground surfacing replacement project.

 To date, these three grants have permitted them to resurface about ¾ of the total playground area with the pour-in-place surfacing.! Yay God! The goal is to eventually have the pour-in-place surfacing on the entire 11,607 sq. ft. of playground area.

 CCA plans to continue to submit for grants through DNR and other sources until the recycled pour-in-place surfacing covers the entire playground area.


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