Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Boil Water Advisories Issued for Two Rural Water Districts In and Around Rockville


A Boil Water Advisory has been issued for Truman Rural Water Dist. #2 AND Truman Rural Water Dist #7, which includes the City of Rockville and areas west of Rockville in Bates County. These districts are under the jurisdiction of the Boil Water Advisory until further notice.

A Boil Water Advisory recommends boiling all drinking and cooking water for 3 minutes before using it for cooking or drinking.

Truman Rural Water Districts #2 and #7 will remain under Boil Water Advisories until further notice.

We will notify you when these advisories have been lifted.

This Public Service Message is courtesy of  Dane Diehl, your 125th Missouri State Representative 


Jay's Shack Food Truck New Management/ New Menu

 Now Under new management ( 4/22/2024)  New Menu Selection  see them on Facebook under their New Page  Jay's Shack Food Truck