Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Pursuit in Linn County, KS

December 11, 2023

For immediate release:


On December 11, 2023, at 1:29pm, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a subject in mental crisis in Centerville, Ks. The subject, a 32-year-old male had been involved in a verbal altercation with family. The subject then attempted to steal a motor vehicle from family members. This attempt was not successful, despite breaking the window of the car out. The subject then walked to the Fire Station in Centerville where he forcefully took a 2005 Lincoln Aviator from a person who was working at the Fire Station.


The subject then met a Deputy Sheriff who was responding to the criminal event. The subject attempted to hit the Deputy Sheriff head-on near Goodrich on County Road 1077. The Deputy Sheriff turned westbound on 1775 Rd where the subject turned and began to chase the Deputy Sheriff. The Deputy Sheriff was in fear that the subject was going to rear end him and he turned into a field. The Deputy Sheriff then turned around and gave chase to the subject northbound on County Road 1077. The subject was driving in a very erratic manner and the Deputy Sheriff backed off when they approached Parker, Ks. speeds were too great to continue to chase the subject into the City of Parker.


At this time a request was made to lock down the school in Parker. The school resource officer secured the school and monitored the event. Linn County Sheriff’s Communications Division  notified all surrounding agencies of the event and description of the stolen vehicle. Several minutes later the subject was spotted in Osawatomie, Ks. driving erratically. Police found the subject; he was not operating the vehicle but was attempting to steal another vehicle. The subject was taken into custody. Deputies went to Osawatomie and picked the subject up to transport him to the Linn County Jail, while in transport the subject attempted to kick the back window out of the patrol car. Eventually, the subject was received at the Linn County Jail where he is awaiting charges.


No other information will be released at this time, this case is pending formal charges.


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