Friday, December 22, 2023

New Growth Transit Needs Drivers

 Public transportation for residents of all ages. Volunteer drivers needed, paying drivers 65 and ½ cent per mile to drive residents to and from destinations. The public in the surrounding 9 county area will soon have access to a local transportation service called “ New Growth Transit” this service will provide transportation to and from various destinations. This service is called “ New Growth Transit”. The service has actually been around for the past 3 years, but lack of drivers slowed the success of this public transportation service.  

For now the new transportation service is in need of volunteer drivers, the incentive is that you choose when you want to donate time, your choice of trips and destinations, the volunteer drivers receive reimbursement at the Federally approved rate of 65 and ½ cents per mile. Drivers provide their own vehicle and gas. Drivers must be 21 years old.

This pay will not affect your social security, disability or state assistance in any way as it is a mileage reimbursement per IRS. New Growth Transit drivers will use their own vehicle to transport the public  to and from destinations to expand to local grocery stores, hair salons, trips to the bank and post office, transportation to community events, local businesses to shop , dental appointments and the best part is that it is all free. 48 hours advance notice is required to schedule a ride.

The service will be available to the residents of Bates, Cass, Vernon, Cedar, Hickory, Morgan counties to include St. Clair, Benton and Dallas counties.

For more information or “ how to apply “ for the  volunteer driver service, call 660-478-2185 extension 2040 or email [email protected].

See more information and details on the web at

Volunteer Drivers are needed for the New Growth Transit Senior Citizen Transportation Service, coming soon to your county.


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