Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Carpenter's Cup in Butler is asking for help from the Community

 Another week closer to our Thanksgiving meal. This is a free meal offered to anyone in Bates County

( updated information on October 17th 2023 )

The updated list of food/misc items are as follows:
Turkeys: 105
Hams: 66
White potatoes: 200 lbs
Gallon can of green beans: 15 cans
Gallon can of corn: 11 cans
Brown and Serve rolls: 45 packages
Whipped topping: 45 tubs
Bacon: 30 lbs
Onions: 3 bags
Butter: 50 lbs
Apple pie: 75
Pumpkin pie: 75
Stove Top stuffing mix: 85 boxes
Aluminum foil
Gallon Freezer bags: 4 boxes

The meals will be at the Butler Senior Center. They can be delivered, picked up or you can eat at the center The delivered meals will start going out at around 10;30AM. The pick-up meals should be ready around 12 Noon. The center will open for people to come in to sit at 12 Noon and the service line will form at around 1 PM. If you or anyone you know needs a meal on Thanksgiving day, please call 660-679-3333. If you want to volunteer to help with delivery or help in the kitchen, please call the number listed above. Money donations accepted to help with the cost of the meal. The money donations can be given to Judge Julie Highley, or brought into the Carpenters Cup. Food items can be brought into the Carpenters Cup, Please share.

Help Wanted in the City of Archie