Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Lowry City Fun Time Farms open September 22nd

 Lowry City is the main attraction for fall family-oriented attractions during the Halloween season. The Fun Time Farms Corn Maze is the brainstorm of Kalberloh, family.

Jim Kalberloh is just one of 11 family member partners involved in the creation of this ten-acre corn maze located in Lowry City.

Fun Time Farms Corn Maze is located north of Lowry City and is open weekdays for field trips and reservation groups and week- ends for individual and group maze tours. Fun Time Farms, welcome the public, site seers, and school field trips. The elementary education campaign includes customized ag- in the classroom lesson plans. The agricultural passport integrates education into the Lowry City Fun Time Farms ten-acre corn maze; the agricultural education helps guide students along the pathway of the corn maze and for the weak at heart. Corn maze assistants are on location to help you find your way out of the maze, should you get disoriented.

Clues and hints along the trail, lead you to the end of the -3 mile maze. The addition of a 40-foot slide and a viewing maze bridge that overlooks the entire field, the super pillow, and corn box. You will want to watch out for the live zombie breakout, you will be able to save yourself with paintball guns. A beer Garden will open on location.  

Fun Time Farms in Lowry City will be open September 22nd through October 28th 2023   . The Maze will be open  Friday evenings from 5 to 10 pm and Saturday’s hours from noon till 10 pm. Fun Time Farms will be open  Sunday afternoons from 1-6 . General Admission is $10.00 dollars per person and children under 3 years old are admitted free.  “Sunday Admission Prices” all ages are admitted on Sunday for five dollars each.  Season passes are sold for $45.00.

For reservations, directions or more information call Jim Kalberloh at 660-351-2012 

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