Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Bates County Sheriff

 On 8/28/23 members of the Bates County Sheriff’s Office assisted the Butler Missouri Police Department in serving a narcotics search warrant at 405 S Mechanic Butler Mo. Following up from leads generated from the search warrant Butler Police Department requested a search utilizing the K9s at another location. After clearing the agency assist one of the K9 handlers noticed a behavior change of K9 Falco. K9 Falco became disoriented and lethargic. Additional units responded to the K9 handlers location where two rounds of Narcan were administered to Falco. We believe that during his search he may have been exposed to fentanyl or some opioid that caused his medical reaction. Falco was then rushed to BluePearl Pet Hospital an emergency veterinarian hospital in Lees Summit.

Out of precaution and due to the fact that both K9s potentially would have been exposed to the same substance, K9 Griff was transported to the same hospital for evaluation.

Both dogs were immediately decontaminated at the Veterinary Emergency Room by staff. K9 Falco received emergency care and was held for observation until this morning. K9 Griff was checked and released after the initial care.

The Narcan used by K9 handlers have saved multiple lives of police canines around the country.

“We want to give a huge Thank You to Blue Pearl Pet Hospital and all the Staff who stayed over and were waiting on our emergency arrival. “ says Sheriff Anderson. “Unfortunately, this is a risk that K9s have in their service to our communities. It’s not just the K9s but also the handlers that are exposed to the very same threat to their health. The staff at Blue Pearl were excellent early this morning and we can’t thank them enough for their care, commitment and compassion for our K9 partners and handlers.”


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